Prof. Dr. Irene Neverla is a professor for journalism and communication studies at the University of Hamburg.

She is a social scientist with a focus on journalism and media research. She has studied communication studies, sociology and psychology at the universities of Vienna, Salzburg and Munich. During her academic career Irene Neverla has published books and articles in (peer reviewed) journals, was the editor of a media critical journal and has taken part in numerous conferences as speaker and discussant.

1992 she accepted a chair at the University of Hamburg, where she is a professor for journalism and communication studies to this day. Until summer 2017 she was the head of the international Erasmus Mundus Master program „Journalism, Media and Communication“. In addition, she was the spokeswoman at the University of Hamburg for the RCMC Research Center Media and Communication, as well as a member of the cluster of excellence for climate research, where she was head of the Media Research Group.

Irene Neverla has taught at the University of Hamburg and the Hamburg Media School, at the universities of Munich, Vienna and Salzburg. She was also a visiting professor, respectively fellow, at universities in Thessaloniki (Greece), Sydney (Australia), Dakka (Bangladesh), Lima (Peru), Aarhus (Denmark), Tel Aviv and Ber Sheva (Israel) among others.

Irene Neverla is a member of the DGPuK (German Communication Association) and the ÖGK (Austrian Society of Communication), as well as an institutional member of the ECREA (European Communication Research and Education Association) and the IAMCR (International Association of Media and Communication Research). She has received awards, among others one for „Best PhD Supervisor in Hamburg“ from the Claussen-Simon Foundation.

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